Zaķusala island local plan

The area of the local plan is located in the city of Riga in the central part of southern part of Zaķusala. Zaķusala is located on the banks of the Daugava and Little Daugava river , but the “Salu bridge” connects it  to the land.


Status: completed local plan

Developer and investor: SIA “MERKS”

Place: Rīga, Latvija

Size: 12.6 ha;  152 000 neto m2

Units: ~2 400 apartments, offices and commercial premises

Team: RUUME arhitekti, local plan in collaboration with SIA “METRUM”


Zaķusalas Krastmala street, currently located at the northeast coastline, separates the future neighbourhood from water, leaving wide and unwelcoming traffic zone next to the Daugava. New proposal focuses on reorganization of street lines. The main street – Zaķusalas krastmalas street- would move deeper into the island, creating building plots on both sides towards the shoreline. It would be a central artery of the neighbourhood and the main axis for a public and private transport, allowing pedestrian friendly urban development next to the waterfront.








Functional zoning in Zaķusala local plan. In collaboration with “METRUM”


Masterplan with development proposal




Water use in territory


Cross sections of Zaķusala main street and public space

Daugava promenade

Zaķusala main street



Zaķusala main street with communication infrastructure