TAB FAB “Miera Street Culture Hub”

The main goal is to develop infrastructure favorable to innovation at the former Tobacco Factory, at Riga, Miera iela 58 and to encourage innovation development in the sector of creative industries and their interaction with other industries by constructing the Creative Industries Centre – Tobacco Factory.


Status: Competition

Client: “State Real Estate” and Latvian Academy of Culture

Place: Rīga, Latvija

Size: 0.72 ha;  11 275 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti


At its current state, the Tobacco Factory embodies a very fragmented and scattered visual image which consists of wooden buildings, historical industrial buildings, and different Soviet Time additions. The proposed project does not attempt to restore one specific industrial image. Instead, the proposed project envisions creating a fresh, new, and contemporary image for the creative district in general and LAC in particular.
The cornerstones of the project are conceptual and functional cleanliness as well as rationality that transcends to the proposed volume of the buildings and materials used both for exterior and public space.








Existing situation and proposal


3 development stages






First floor



2nd – 6th floor





Functional diagram for LAC building



Area section throw the new Performing Arts Centre





Modifications for large lecture hall, rehearsal and movement classrooms and large multifunctional dance and contemporary circus hall



Interior of LAC

Interior of large lecture and events hall