Skanste kindergarden

The project area is located in Skanste, between the Grostonas, Mālpils and Vesetas streets. In the land plot there are already 2 existing kindergardens.


Status: 1st prize in competition in 2018

Client: “Riga City Council Property Department”

Place: Rīga, Latvija

Size: 1.82 ha;  2223 m2 (new building)

Units: 1 new and 2 existing kindergardens for 612 children

Team: RUUME arhitekti in collaboration with Ansis Šinke and Yuliya Šinke


The main goal of the task is to create a proposal for a new building with common functions that would be able to physically and visually combine the existing preschool educational institutions into a single complex. The proposal is based on the desire to create a compact building that will functionally solve a design program, create a landmark, as well as common area for 612 kindergarden students, taking into account the existing urban structure. The concept of a new pre-school educational establishment is a crossroads that are a meeting place for the whole kindergarten complex. The new building is planned as a freestanding two-floor volume, which is connected to the existing kindergarten buildings with one-storey glazed corridors.







New kindergarden and 2 existing kindergardens



Outdoor spaces and function diagram



First and second floor



Central atrium with upper light