Sillamäe Old Town school

The new schoolhouse is a compact two – storey wooden structure building, which creates a cozy and modest environment for learning, sports and recreation. Exterior and facade of the building are easily recognizable and bold. The interior contrasts with the exterior to be bright and calm to support the learning process that takes place in it. The scale and volume of the building have been carefully designed to fit to the existing environment, characterized by double Stalin-era buildings and wild river bank.


Status: International competition

Year: 2019

Client: Sillamäe City Government

Place: Sillamäe, Estonia

Size: 1.29 ha;  4498 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti

The layout of the building makes it possible to separate two main public areas – the public area ot the front of ​​the school building and a fenced active zone south of the school overlooking the river. The public area in front of the school operates as the main entrance with bicycle and car parking for staff and students. At the same time, the school front area connects to the main pedestrian paths towards the city. Active area to the south of the building is fenced and includes a sports stadium, ball court, outdoor gym, classes and a recreation area, gardens with easy and convenient direct access inside the school building.



Building configuration


Functional diagram

The building is divided into two floors, which are connected by a central public atrium, that allows comfortable and logical movement within the school. The ground floor is a multifunctional open area with the lobby, auditorium, dining room, library, workshops, gym and teachers’ room. The exits in the glass façade on the ground floor connects indoors with active outdoor zone for various learning and hobby activities. Aerobics classes are located near the entrance and are connected to outdoor sports facilities. The second floor is a study area. Classrooms and other surfaces intended for various activities are located around the central area, where there is also a two-storey hall and auditorium. Public skylights and a courtyard are also provided to illuminate the area.

Functional scheme