ReTurku 2050

Status: International competition

Year: 2020

Client: City of Turku

Place: Turku, Finland

Size: 36.5 ha;  114 510 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti in collaboration with local-eu and Sandra Sinka

What if the transformation of Tuku´s industrial waterfront became a new act of rewilding that can also transform how the city will use and reuse its local resources ? We envision a new district reconnecting the city, with pristine beaches along a new archipelago shoreline, to its history, its inhabitants and the sea. Our future vision focuses on integrating the urbanism of reuse & recycling to create an exciting all year round destination for all, rather than pushing away the mechanism and spaces of this sector in mutation today.


We propose to transform the large area of the Port into Finland’s largest re-use HUB, with Local Transit Center, reclaimed building material center, and Reused Shopping Mall together with the new museum, and a robust extension of the green corridor connected to the waterfront, the castle and a more active Maritime District.

For us, a museum of History and the Future, the life of the Maritime Center and the Castle should be tomorrow connected together with an hybrid identity that can become a useful destination for a large variety of actors. Turku Castle is the central and the most important element of the whole area of Linnanniemi. The accessibility and visibility of the landmark is strengthened from the all main directions by project`s proposal. 


The existing castle park is extended towards the waterfront and across the Linnankatu street, that becomes a traffic-free zone in the castle’s proximity. We want to develop a district where private contractors, small businesses, public institutions, inhabitants, international tourists, and the Nordic countries would come to Turku and its port waterfront to contribute or experience the shift of tomorrow lifestyle. For us, the scale, location and ambition for this site is unique to successfully implement this type of alternative urban development.