Mustjala Day Care Center

Status: International competition, honorable mention

Year: 2020

Client: Saaremaa Parish Government

Place: Mustjala, Estonia

Size: 0.60 ha;  630 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti


The day center house has been solved as a compact building volume that wraps around the inner courtyard. The exterior of the building is bright and unpretentious, creating a home for the residents.

The courtyard of the day center-boarding house is designed as a terrace, where you can hold smaller events and stay in the fresh air. On the back of the building there is a recreation area for the residents of the institution. The day center has a hall, kitchen, hobby room and recreation area. The two wings of the boarding house are located on both sides of the day center. This creates a logical whole that offers different spatial qualities and good connections.






Masterplan solutions

Ground floor plan

Functional scheme/ spatial concept/ transparency

The load-bearing structure is designed from CLT elements. The dimensions of the building allow all load-bearing elements to be produced in wood and as standard solutions. The use of optimal wooden elements also has a significant positive effect on the speed and accuracy of the construction process.

Natural construction and finishing materials create a healthy microclimate and improve the quality of the interior. Local natural materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly are preferred for the construction of the building.