“MEŽA NAMI” housing development

The existing building structure in Mežciems is uncharacteristic of the traditional urban structure. The project area is surrounded by an housing blocks built in Soviet times – in the west, the Social Care Center – in the north of the territory, the food supermarket “SKY”, the river and the linear residential buildings – in the south, as well as the highest quality of the site – the forest in the east.


Status: Invited competition

Developer and investor: SIA “MERKS”

Place: Mežciems, Rīga, Latvija

Size: 2.1 ha;  16 856 m2

Units: 237 apartments, 192 parking lots

Team: RUUME arhitekti


The main concept of the project is based on the idea of building a strong new spine of the new district – a street with freestanding apartment blocks – trying to get closer to a human-scale street space. All overground parking spaces are located on both sides of the driveway, leaving free green or public spaces between the buildings. The buildings are located with views to the forest or river, creating the most functional green areas free of traffic.












Typology. Rotation options for insulation


Typology. Different masterplan options



Typology. Accessibility options

Typology. Connection to the street




First floor plan


Typical floor plan


Facade concepts