Dailes theatre square

Dailes Theatere square public outdoor space proposal (between Bruņinieku Street and Šarlotes Street).


Status: recognition award in open competition

Client: “Riga City Council Property Department” and “State Real Estate”

Place: Rīga, Latvija

Size: 1.8 ha

Team: RUUME arhitekti, in collaboration with SIA “IE.LA inženieri” and SIA “CMB”


The area is zoned in three functional zones, which together create a unified image and feeling of the square. The main unifying element is the area’s monumentality and continuity; In each part of the square, the geometric pattern of the covering is used in layout of the urban design elements. All barriers in the public area are demolished on pedestrian level, allowing pedestrian traffic to enter the square area and use it as a convenient transit area with a new spatial experience in the city.







Existing situation and architect Marta Staņa sketches


Pedestrian flows and accessibility. Existing situation and proposal









Urban design elements