Krasta City Business Quarter

Status: International competition, 2rd place

Year: 2020

Client: Krasta City SIA

Place: Riga, Latvia

Size: 3.44 ha;  69823 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti in collaboration with K Forma un Ansis Šinke

Krasta City’s development proposal is based on the desire to combine investment-friendly office buildings with a pedestrian-friendly and publicly accessible multifunctional urban environment. The priority is to make the ground floor as open as possible and on the same level as the street space, which will make it active and suitable for commercial functions.

The planned buildings of the neighborhood are oriented perpendicular to the Daugava in order to create wide views towards the river from the office premises and the street space. The public waterfront space is expanded with recesses and squares between the buildings, which form cozy urban squares along the street and the promenade. The concept of the silhouette of “Krasta City” is to create a dense urban situation around 8 storey high and a couple of slender tower accents. The first stage building has the greatest height contrast and the strongest identity – two 17-storey high office towers on a 4-storey high base. This building will create a unique landmark for both the “Krasta City” complex and the whole of Riga. It will be like a gate when crossing the Salu bridge and entering the city center.