Swan lake park in Gulbene

Status: Open competition, 3rd place

Year: 2020

Client: Gulbene City Municipality

Place: Gulbene, Latvia

Size: 2.33 ha

Team: RUUME arhitekti

The park is a place surrounded by trees and forest, which symbolically gathers all the inhabitants of Gulbene. A large part of Gulbene’s public life is concentrated here. The park is designed as a single public space with a stage for various events, with trading places during festivals or events. The center of the territory is the new modified fountain / pool, which attracts life attractively and is the “Swan Lake Center”.

The project concept conditionally divides the park into two parts, one part of which is urban with socially active use, while the other is more park-like with an emphasis on recreation and active sports. Gaitnieku Street divides the park territory into these two parts, creating a natural transition, where the square changes to a park. The crossing of Gaitnieku Street Park is formed as one of the main functional axes in the park territory.
The geometry of the park’s internal structure is designed according to the active daily flows and the main accesses from the streets. There are two main entrances from the corners of the park from Rīgas Street. The two entrances are made of Oskara Kalpaka Street, trying to make the entrance to the park from this side as inviting as possible.
Two circular movements are formed in the territory – one is the central square itself, and the other – a large circle around the whole territory.


Swan lake

Existing situation vs proposal (circulation/ functional zones/ landscaping)

General plan

Places and events

Urban design elements