Oskars Stroks Outdoor Concert Hall

Status: Open competition, 2nd place

Year: 2020

Client: Daugavpils City Municipality

Place: Daugavpils, Latvia

Size: 2.5 ha;  3088 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti in collaboration with ALPS ainavu darbnīca

The building in the territory is designed as a free-standing object in the public space. The orientation of the building in the park is formed by the main axis, which passes through the park and to which the concert hall itself is connected. In this way, the building itself is formed on one side of the axis, but the other side is public park space.


The Central Park in Daugavpils is an important place that needs to be left as public as possible. The proposal provides for a compact, practical and well-thought-out publicly available and closed spatial relationship. The building is organized in such a way that it occupies the park area very compactly and leaves half of the competition area available for public. The concert hall sits in relief and provides limited access. In this way, it is possible not to create a fence around the entire competition area and leave half of it usable for everyday use – Daugavpils residents.

The existing terrain has been used as an advantage to naturally create the sloping area of ​​the concert hall spectators. It is also used to divide the public space from the concert hall area with controlled access. The spectator area at the back ends at the top of the hill, creating a usable outdoor space during concerts. There is also a cafe with a well-equipped recreation room.

The image of the building is dynamic as a tango rhythm with short and long steps. Together with the existing terrain, which integrates the concert hall itself and the acoustic ceiling, which forms an acoustic wave – all this creates a dynamic image in the public space. The building is free-standing and forms very different view perspectives from different places.


Functional scheme & landscape subdivision

Circulation scheme

Side position to preserve the park

Ground floor plan

1.floor plan

Functional zones

Circulation within the concert hall – entrance/ concert break/ exit

Different scenario layout

Wave motive of facade – link to tango rhythmic drawing