The vision of the Paralympic Sports Center provides a new attractive sports
centre in the neighborhood for both athletes and residents of the city. The Sports Centre is designed as a park for leisure and sports, specially adapted for people with reduced mobility. The concept of this offer is based on the linear public strip open space extending along the existing Bisumuiza ditch, which provides direct connections to all sports facilities and sports fields. Sports facilities and fields are compact, creating abbreviated distances between them. This public outdoor space is designed for various sports activities and events.

Status: International competition, 1st prize

Year: 2019

Client: Latvian Paralympic Committee

Place: Bišumuiža, Latvia

Size: 10.2 ha;  32 000 m2

Team: RUUME arhitekti in collaboration with local-eu and Sandra Sinka

Stripe concept


The Sports Centre is to be connected to the existing street network, as well as already existing pedestrian and bicycle paths. The main flow of pedestrians and cyclists is organized along the Bisumuiza ditch towards public transport stops and existing bicycle lanes. In the northern part of the territory a connection of the pedestrian paths is planned to the Bisumuiza park and manor. In order to provide direct access to visitors by public transport, it is proposed in the future to erect a new tram or bus line along Gulbju street with a stop at the Sports Centre itself.


The area of the new Paralympic Sports Centre is organized as a park with
passages, greenery, lighting, children’s playgrounds and sports activities areas. The main flow of pedestrians and cyclists is organized along the Bisumuiza ditch towards public transport stops and existing bicycle lanes. Pedestrian and cycling paths are also arranged throughout the whole area, connecting various activity zones. Car access is organized from Gulbju street and Cēraukstes street. The offer supplies parking for visitors, athletes and staff in the northern and southern parts of the territory with direct connection from Gulbju street. In order to keep as much free recreational green space as possible, the parking lot in the southern part of the territory has been treated as a building structure, thus providing a much larger number of parking spaces. Car parking area is located at both ends
of the public area for easy access to sports facilities and courts. Along Cēraukstes street there is a drop-off area and parking for people with reduced mobility.

Towards compact band

Stages of construction

Multifunctional sports hall. Ground floor plan

Accommodation building. Ground floor plan

Accommodation building. Typical floor plan

Accommodation building

Multifunctional sports hall

Curling hall. Ground floor plan, floor plan

Curling hall, stadium stands

Stadium stands. Ground floor plan

Facade material solution

The adjacent Bisumuiza Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, characteristic to the wild ecosystem. The park is home to a variety of bird species. About 66 plant species have been detected in the park. Currently multiple trees are growing in the territory of The Paralympic Sports Center, which will be preserved to the utmost possibilities and new vegetation – trees and other plants – will be situated in the area. Existing trees and newly planted trees will form an extension of Bisumuiza Park and enrich the existing ecosystem. It is intended to plant the same types of plant species that are already existent in the territory of Bishumuiza Park. The design intent is to also provide a newly planted vegetation adjacent to the ditch,
with similar design characteristics to the other sections of the territory.

Green belt

Landscape. Vegetation and water