Green Living Quarter in Mārupe – proposal by RUUME is awarded 1st prize

New living quarter is proposed in the center of Mārupe. Its main characteristic is its closed perimeter with a green courtyard inside the quarter. It creates very cosy living area for the residents and safe playground for kids. Car parking is located next to the street. The whole area is divided in 5 building stages creating well balanced overall development of the area. Architecturally buildings blends with surroundings because of the compact scale and the characteristic roof silhouette in Mārupe context.


Status: 1st place in open competition

Developer and investor: SIA “EfTEN Capital”

Place: Mārupe, Latvija

Size: 13 407.8 m2 (11 180 m2 living area + 900 m2 commercial)

Units: 145 living units, 244 parking lots

Team: RUUME arhitekti






General plan

Functional diagram

Green area

Parking and recreational area


Proposed building stages


Facade solutions